SG2097 Smart Appliance PLC

I’m a plug the measures power through me and sends it to my friends over the electrical wires.

The Smart Appliance PLC allows you to measure and control the consumption of specific electronic devices so that energy efficiency can be improved. The Smart Appliance PLC also transforms your home power cables into a high speed computer network.

The Smart Appliance PLC uses “Power Line Communication” to communicate back to the Smart Energy Gateway. The device is not only useful for energy management of appliances but can also be used for connected different devices such as modems, routers, PCs, IP Cameras and game consoles together by using existing power cables throughout the house. This allows users to share multimedia applications such as online games, IPTV and audio streaming with the family all around the house.


The Smart Appliance PLC also provides power surge protection and can be turned on/off remotely to enable users to optimize their energy management of their appliances. Simply plug it in line with an appliance e.g. Smart TV for instant power usage readings.

When am I required: 

If you would like to monitor appliances within the premises e.g. fridge, TV, Computer, Photocopier or would like control of your appliances remotely.

If you would like to connect different network devices together throughout the home using your existing house wiring.