SG3030-300A Smart Clamp (3-Phase)

I’m the big brother of the smart clamp because I can measure three phase power. I also live in the switchboard and talk to my friends wirelessly.

The Smart Clamp (3 phase) allows you to meter your entire home or business electricity usage but also has the flexibility to meter sub circuits such as HVAC, large motors, production lines, etc.

The Smart clamp (3 phase) is commonly deployed in a power cabinet to measure the consumption of the entire building. The device can also be installed on particular circuits to help identify and improve electricity consumption in particular areas.

The Smart Clamp (3 phase) can measure electricity in both directions so the one clamp can be used to determine if a premise is consuming or exporting electricity.

Additional clamps can be installed for a more accurate understanding to further reduce your electricity consumption.

When am I required: 

If you would like to meter your entire premises which has 3 phases or any hard wired appliances that have 3 phases e.g HVAC, large motors, production lines, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions