SG6200NXL Smart Energy Gateway

I’m the brains that collects all the data from my friends onsite and sends it to the cloud.

The Smart Energy Gateway is an all-in-one router designed for users to enjoy real-time power management and secured wireless Internet access. Integrated with ZigBee wireless technology, the Smart Energy Gateway can communicate wirelessly with all the Power Tracker products. The Smart Energy Gateway pushes all the recorded data to the Power Tracker website so users can remotely monitor energy consumption and manage their appliances.

You can connect up to 30 devices to one Smart Energy Gateway.

You can have as many Smart Energy Gateways onsite as you like so there is never a limitation on the number of devices you install.

When am I required: 

You always require one. This is the brains of any system and at least one is required in order for all your devices to send their data back to the Power Tracker website.

Available Patches and Downloads