For the past 7 years, Power Tracker has been working on delivering you solutions for beyond tomorrow.
Power Tracker Solutions
Through monitoring power consumption on a cloud based platform, Power Tracker can provide a simple, cost effective energy solution. We have an experienced team of developers and engineers - working with both small and large business, local and international - who are ready to design a solution just for you. Lets build your perfect energy solution together.


we provide the tools to help you save money


keep your money off the table and reduce electricity overheads

solar professionals

for both Solar Professionals and Solar System Owners


use our products to provide energy audits or energy solutions for your customers

apartments and multitenancy

a simple solution for a complex situation

electricity and utility providers

a great value add service to help retain your customers


identify your electricity costs right down to the product

schools and education

lets learn about energy together

service providers

add value or bundle to existing service and gain ongoing customer relationships
At Power Tracker, we take a holistic approach towards your energy needs
We look at your whole business, evaluating all the energy options that will work for you and recommend the best integrated technologies to give you the greatest end solution. Whether you are a smaller sole trader or a large corporation, call us today 1300 936 383.