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Power Tracker’s intelligent energy saving cloud

Imagine if 40% of your electricity cost disappeared off the next monthly utility bill, how sweet would it sound? Places with busy commercial activities, such as retail chain stores, hotels, building offices, and factories, usually consume a vast amount of electricity which can be extremely pricey. At the end of each month, business owners and system operators receive a notable electricity bill from their utility company, and they pay whatever is owed thinking that it is perfectly economical and reasonable. However, in fact, they might have been charged a lot more than what is actually used. Why...?

record data and monitor power consumption with a smart meter

Need a selection of cutting-edge meters to record power consumption for multiple business? Power Tracker provides a set of outperforming power meter devices, allows exceptionally fluent data transmission corresponding to both wired and wireless network. From small retailers to chain stores, hotels, commercial offices, industrial factories and multi residential tenancies with huge electricity usages, Power Tracker Intelligent Power Meters solution provides single and triple-phase front end measurements to transform any power consumption into a sequence of digital and explicit numbers.

innovative communication gateway unlocks your business thru the ground breaking IoT (Internet of Things)

We understand that not every premise is built at proximity, and sometimes they are even located at scattered places. Power Tracker combines meters with advance communication gateways to accelerate the data transfer by supporting both wired and 3G wireless transmission routes. With full automations and a hybrid data collector supporting all transmission interfaces, Power Tracker Smart Energy Gateway is able to receive the status of power consumption and instantly syndicate with a cloud computing to provide real-time operation analysis.

The real problems stay hidden and are happening in everyday business operation, ranging from unsuitable electricity contract, aged and ineffectual machine application, facility abnormality, and inefficient use of power. Realizing these issues, Power Tracker combines power meters, communication gateways, and a cloud computing platform to provide efficiency diagnosis, helping system operators to simultaneously monitor complex power consumption for different business models. Our focuses are to reduce potential electricity wastage, maximize system outputs, and create more cost-effective power management while preventing fatal accidents from occurring.

an intelligent energy saving cloud with powerful system diagnosis and cross-field management

Through monitoring power consumption on a cloud based platform, the information of an individual business or a total corporation can be presented as an informative report online according to a particular day, month, and year. System operators can gain an easy access to the centralized management by simultaneously monitoring power consumption for business built at separated locations. Power Tracker does not only dramatically reduce electricity costs, but also largely raise the efficiency of a more effective power management.

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