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Join the growing number of homes who use the free Power Tracker online monitoring platform to reduce their electricity usage and save money. Experience suggests one of the reasons so few people economise on their power consumption is that they simply aren't aware how much money their appliances can guzzle. The Power Tracker Products makes the invisible painfully clear

stop wasting energy and start saving money

In the current financial climate, the focus on energy saving within the home has intensified by the desire to reduce costs. Power Tracker's wireless products range is a very useful tool for observing and reducing electricity use within the home. Our web platform provides all the home energy information required to start reducing and start saving.

some of the benefits

  • Check your energy usage anytime anywhere
  • Historical daily, weekly, monthly and yearly information
  • Easy to read charts and graphs
  • Control your home appliances remotely
  • Monitor your solar system investment to ensure it is performing to its maximum potential
  • Control your electricity bills with cost predictions
  • Share your data with your friends
  • Easy Installation with Zigbee Wireless technology
  • Power Surge protection

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