Power Tracker for Service Providers

Time to add value or bundle to existing service and gain ongoing customer relationships

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increased average revenue per subscriber

In addition to high speed Internet access and triple-play services, service providers can expand the range of services offered to customers while improving their current business models and providing new sources of both near-term and ongoing recurring revenue.

increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customer satisfaction is directly linked to customer loyalty. Providing customers with an opportunity to save money is a method to strengthen satisfaction and loyalty. Power Tracker gives customers a much needed insight into residential power and energy usage. They can monitor, track and analyze energy usage thus lower energy bills up to 20% or more.

reduce customers churn rate

Power Tracker is an effective solution to fight customer churn. Service Providers can now offer new value added products/services, create unique customer experiences and further drive market/competitive differentiation

leverages existing network infrastructure

Service Providers can leverage existing network infrastructure while further extending reach inside the home. Power Tracker creates new business models with any infrastructure upgrades or network capital expenditures (CAPEX).

bring GREEN and carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporations are implementing and embracing more sustainable (Green) approaches to business. This CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) now extends beyond the enterprise out to the customers. Service Providers should educate and facilitate end user participation with real-time access to energy usage, monitoring, control and conservation.

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