Power Tracker for Manufacturing

Identify your electricity costs right down to the product

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are you wasting power?

Power Tracker can provide entire premise metering to help with a variety of energy related topics:

Identify inefficient use of power, whether it be excessive standby power, heating/cooling wastage, etc.

Help minimise peak demand charges

Evaluation tool for future energy saving products (e.g. sizing of solar systems, power factoring correction, etc)

Provide real time monitoring of the electricity bills

identify cost per unit on production lines

Power Tracker can provide sub circuit monitoring on production lines to determine the electricity costs per product.

Whether this be electricity costs per kg, box, unit, litre, etc we have a solution that works.

The information can then be seen in real time across all production lines via the Power Tracker website.

Power Tracker welcomes the opportunity to provide more information or an obligation free demonstration

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