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Power Tracker helps to make the pupils and all School staff aware of School energy consumption, and to show how changes in season and types of School activity influence the level of energy consumption. This in turn results in the monitoring and increased understanding of energy issues, creates a basis for changing the energy behavior of people in schools to reduce energy consumption.

Through our program the pupils will be equipped with the knowledge to encourage their families to also reduce home energy consumption.

This School's dashboard can relate to an entire School, building or at a classroom level to suit your needs. Each dashboard may be different dependent upon year levels and curriculum.

Energy charts can be based on days, weeks and months to show how changes in season and types of School activity influence the level of consumption.

The power is then related to appliances that the students are more familiar with e.g. desktop computer, gaming console, etc

The dashboard not only helps assist with the change in energy behaviors of the School community, it also provides useful tips to further reduce consumption within both the School and home environment.

reduce your electricity overheads

Through our work with Schools around Australia, the success of displaying interactive dashboards around the School has a great impact on the School's energy costs which can be seen in real-time via the School Management portal.

The School Management portal provides a more in-depth analysis into the Schools energy. The portal allows you to track your bills in real-time and is a great evaluation tool for when considering energy saving products like Solar, LED lighting, etc

The portal will also allow you to set targets at either a School, buildings or classroom level which can be seen in real-time to give the staff and students something to strive for. Providing overall visibility allows the School community to enjoy the benefits of the results, and encourage them to continue working at reducing energy consumption.

Power Tracker welcomes the opportunity to provide more information or an obligation free demonstration.

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