Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Power Tracker does not share or provide data with any other organisations or groups unless explicitly agreed to by you or required by law. Devices and User accounts set up under a dealer arrangement are accessible by that dealer.

Delivery Policy

Any products ordered will usually be dispatched on the same day as the payment. We endeavour to ship products as soon as possible.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Any faulty equipment should be reported to our support desk by emailing [email protected] If a refund or return is required, details will be provided by the support staff. Refunds will not be paid until after the returned good are received. 


Power Tracker branded products generally have a 24 month manufacturer's warranty. Please check against specific products for exact warranty terms. 

Third party products, like Solar Data Loggers and Solar Inverters, are supported by the respective installer. Power Tracker only provides monitoring services for these hardwares. Please contact your installer for repairs and warranty information.