Power Tracker monitors your power usage and helps you save money.
Imagine if 40% of your electricity costs disappeared off your next monthly utility bill, how sweet would that be?
real time energy monitoring
Power Tracker provides an insight into your energy, right down to the minute, giving you the most comprehensive real time energy information available.
understand and track your electricity bills
Power Tracker's reports can help you better understand your bills and help you reduce them.
low upfront costs
Power Tracker put all the brains in the cloud meaning the hardware costs go down whilst the features continue to go up.
easy to install
Power Tracker's plug and play technology means it's up and running in no time.
retrofit existing sites
Power Tracker's hardware can retrofit into any existing infrastructure from small residential buildings right up to large commercial complexes.
api integration
Power Tracker's energy monitoring system can talk with other smart system in the market to provide you with the ultimate user experience.