ECU firmware update instructions

This process is to manually update the firmware on an ECU device. Updates occur incrementally, so if you are several versions behind, you may need to run the process multiple times to get to the latest version.

Normally, any ECU connected to the internet will regularly automatically check for updates and update itself if one is found.

In some cases, this may fail. Or if you have a different branch of the ECU firmware and need to transfer over to the Power Tracker compatible branch. Then this process will cause a manual request for an update.

Type the IP address of the ECU (can get from the LCD screen) into the web browser. Then add

  • /cgi-bin/updatecenter

at the end of the address and press enter. You should see the page below. 

Change the server address from to

Finally, click the Update button.

This will cause the ECU to immediately log into the server and download the next version of the ECU if one exists.