Setup an SG3120 3 Phase Meter


The meter contains hazardous voltages. The meter should never be disassembled. Failure to

observe this practice can result in serious injury or death. Any work on or near energised meters,

meter sockets, or other metering equipment can present a danger of electrical shock. It is strongly recommended that all work should be performed only by qualified industrial electricians or metering specialist. Power Tracker assumes no responsibility if your electrical installer does not follow the appropriate national and local electrical codes.


  • This meter should installed on a vibration free switchboard and with environment temperature between -20℃~60℃, humidity between 20-90% RH (no condensation)
  • This meter is already equipped with an internal protection fuse
  • Prior to maintain/repair this meter, always disconnect this meter from all power sources
  • Only have qualified and authorized personnel to carry out installation, maintenance and repair

Size and Latch

Voltage Input

  • This meter can measure voltage up to a maximum 418V between phase-phase.

  • Confirm the RST (ABC) phase sequence.

Current Input

  • The external CT are friable, please handle with care.
  • The current input for this meter is in mA range. Only the attached CT can be used.
  • When more than one meter will be installed, please do not disconnect the CT. Each meter is calibrated with matching CT.
  • CT is quite fragile; please handle with extra care, especially when the room between CT is limited.
  • The current direction must follow KL marked on CT
  • The maximum current value cannot exceed the CT rating.
  • 2CT or 3CT both can be applied in 3P3W connection, however, 2CT will result in incorrect calculation on kW, kWh, kVa, and kVar. 3CT is always recommended for 3Ø system.

How to Install Current Transformer (CT)

Open the clip of the CT gently, clamp the CT on the power line and close the CT.

NOTE: keep the direction of the arrow in the bottom of CT as the same as that of the current flow.

This meter requires a voltage reference; please ensure the meter is powered from the same phase it is installed on. See diagram on next page.

Wiring Diagrams

NOTE: clamp CT 1, CT 2 and CT 3 on the phase A, phase B and phase C power lines respectively.

Install Serial to ZigBee

Snap the antenna into place and install it onto the Serial to ZigBee converter.

Connect Serial to ZigBee to 3 Phase Power Meter. Ensure the polarity is correct.

Wiring Diagrams